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Media tour celebrates West Hollywood's 40th anniversary, showcasing four decades of cultural innovation, diversity, and iconic experiences.

Style, culture, glamour, luxury, fun, wellness, shopping, design, trendsetting, playground to the stars, iconic. Those are just some of the words to describe West Hollywood, Californias most walkable city in the heart of LA.

This year, West Hollywood celebrates its 40th anniversary with four decades of cultural innovation, diversity, and unparalleled experiences in one of Southern Californias most iconic cities, measuring only 1.9 square miles.

With influence from rock n roll, folk, hair, metal bands and the distinct charm and the continuance of the famed Halloween Carnaval and WeHo Pride contribute to the rich tapestry of West Hollywood's cultural relevance, not to mention being the hub of many reality TV shows and paparazzi sightings.

West Hollywood also has a long history of enacting progressive policies that protect and promote the rights of the minority, including the LGBTQ+ community. West Hollywood became an official city in 1984 with a majority-gay city council and its first openly gay mayor was elected in 1985.

West Hollywood hosts one of the largest and most vibrant Pride celebrations in the country, attracting global visitation. This annual event showcases the city's commitment to LGBTQ+ inclusivity and provides a platform for the local LGBTQ+ community and the many businesses that serve it.

West Hollywood commemorates these milestones with 40 Days of Pride and the return of WeHo Pride. Pride Starts Here kicked off on Harvey Milk Day (May 22) and runs through June 30 for 40 Days of Pride'' with programming that includes the WeHo Pride Weekend Parade, the Dyke March, the WeHo Pride Arts Festival and more. Headliners for the 2024 OUTLOUD festival included Kylie Minogue, Janelle Mone, Kesha, and Diplo.

A nationwide media tour was conducted on May 21st with Jeff Morris, Chief Marketing Officer, West Hollywood Travel and Tom Kiely, President and CEO, West Hollywood Travel + Tourism Board.

Topics that were discussed during the media tour included:

How guests can dive into the cultural forefront by exploring West Hollywood's three neighborhoods: The Design District, Santa Monica Boulevard (including LAs Rainbow District) and the famed Sunset Strip, all nestled in the heart of LA.

WeHo Pride celebrates 40 Days of Pride, coinciding this year with West Hollywoods 40th Anniversary.

What some of the summer cultural, culinary and entertainment highlights will be for anyone visiting including new trendsetting restaurants, bars, boutique, including 20 fabulous hotels, ranging from luxury to historic to celebrity drenched, not to mention the phenomenon of "roof topping (swimming pools, sun decks and even pickleball).

For more information, visit VisitWestHollywood.com.

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