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Miami, Florida, 5th July 2024, ZEX PR WIREGuaranteed Removals offers risk-free, guaranteed removal of negative reviews from all major, niche, and industry-specific review platforms.

Removing negative reviews from the internet on platforms like Google, Glassdoor, Indeed, Yelp and others is crucial for maintaining a positive online reputation and maintaining your brand image.

“Businesses are constantly struggling with the effects of fake and negative reviews. With the growth in online reviews over the past 15 years, addressing these issues has become a cornerstone of our business,” said Cenk Uzunkaya, CEO of Guaranteed Removals.

“In February this year, Google reported blocking or removing over 170 million reviews in 2023, a 45% increase from 2022. Just imagine how many are still making their way through. It’s a real epidemic, and we’re proud to offer our clients a reliable and trustworthy review removal service,” he continued.

While many negative reviews are legitimate and justified, there are many others that don’t reflect a genuine experience with the business. “Since the pandemic and the growth of TikTok in particular, we’ve seen a significant increase in customers targeted by viral review campaigns. We’ve been able to help them navigate the chaos and uncertainty of those situations, protecting their businesses.”

Guaranteed Removals Is Making Negative Review Removal More Accessible

With the increasing demand for review removal services, Guaranteed Removals has recently launched the Reputation Academy, providing a completely open and free source of information for anyone needing help with removing negative reviews on their own.

Guaranteed Removals has published comprehensive guides on how to remove reviews from the 30 most prominent review sites, including how to remove Google reviews and how to remove Glassdoor reviews. The Reputation Academy is constantly updated with new helpful guides, allowing individuals and businesses who might not be able to afford reputation management or review removal services to take their reputation into their own hands.

“Fake reviews can severely damage a business’s reputation, causing lost revenue and customer trust,” said Rick DaSilva, Sales Director at Guaranteed Removals. “Our mission is to help businesses protect their online presence by providing effective solutions and resources for identifying and removing fake reviews. We believe that every business deserves a fair representation online, free from the harm caused by fraudulent reviews.”

How Guaranteed Removals Review Removal Service Works

  • Tell Us About Your Problem: Answer a few simple questions about your business and the reviews you want to remove.

  • Get a Customized Quote: Our reputation specialists will create a personalized plan tailored to your needs.

  • Connect with Your Account Manager: Dedicated account managers will coordinate removal efforts and keep you informed every step of the way.

  • Guaranteed and Permanent Results: Our expert team will remove negative reviews within 90 days. You only pay after a review is successfully removed. Plus, our lifetime warranty ensures any resurfaced review will be removed again at no extra charge.

“At Guaranteed Removals, our process is simple and focused on our clients,” said Roque Rodon, Director of Operations. “Our account managers handle everything and keep clients updated. Our expert team promises lasting results, removing negative reviews within 90 days. Clients only pay if we successfully remove the review, and our lifetime warranty means we’ll take care of any reviews that come back at no extra charge.”

Guaranteed Removals Review Removal Services

Guaranteed Removals offers a range of review removal services for all major, niche, and industry-specific review platforms including:

  • Delete Google Reviews

  • Delete Yelp Reviews

  • Delete TripAdvisor Reviews

  • Delete Indeed Reviews

  • Delete Glassdoor Reviews

  • Delete Trust Pilot Reviews

Guaranteed Removals proudly offers review deletion services with a guaranteed results-based payment model, ensuring clients only pay for successfully removed negative reviews.

All review deletion services are backed by a lifetime guarantee, meaning clients are charged only for the reviews that are successfully removed. No payment is required for reviews that are not removed.

Guaranteed Removals pricing is competitive and affordable, with bulk discounts available for clients needing multiple reviews removed and a plethora of resources available for anyone who wants to learn more about creating a reputation management strategy for their business.

Guaranteed Removals Contact Information:

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Phone: 1-866-523-5551
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